Testimonies from attendees at the 2018 5-day Healing Prayer School at All Saints Woodford Wells

‘God gave me permission to be a child again.  I don’t have to be perfect, I can be vulnerable and I am loved by my Father.’

‘I feel the weight of the past has been lifted from my heart.  I have felt the Holy Spirit here in this Church all week.  I am thankful to Lin and the Team.’ 

‘Continually throughout the week God has revealed to me just how far I’ve come on my healing journey.  I’m not perfect.  I’m not there yet (where’s there?!) but I am so encouraged to now be able to see how far I’ve come.  Gives me such hope!   Thank you.’

‘God has become really real to me this week, more alive.  Something in me has shifted, so confusion has gone and I am able to see God for who He really is.  Finally, I’ve reached Him after so any years and years of being blinded and permanently confused.’

‘While Lin was praying for love and cuddles I had a very heavy black weight fall on my head and shoulders followed by a very sharp pain that went down my spine, where the pain stopped in my kidney area before moving down both legs to my knees.  I couldn’t lift it off.  I was so grateful for X who appeared and managed to pray it off.’

‘Thank you Lord for your abundance, for telling me this week that You don’t want me to settle for ‘less than’, that You love me so much, that You have granted me the revelation that Jesus, You are more real.  I drink from You.  You will provide for me.  You have plans to prosper me, not harm me.  You are a good God and not there to punish me but love me.  Thank you.  Thank you Jesus that I am wrapped in His righteousness, His liquid love, the oil of the anointing that will never run out.

Each time I have been able to attend God has met me in special ways.  I am so thankful for new breakthroughs and look forward to what is ahead.  Thank you Lin and Team.’ 

‘This is my first HPS.  I’m new to, and very grateful for, healing prayer.  I have struggled with lack of being and been a ‘human doing’. An image I have had is of Pinocchio. I feel as though God, just by looking lovingly upon this puppet-like self I had, is making me real.

The words of knowledge have been incredibly apt.  Thank you for your obedience and service to God. Praise God that He is a good Dad and His parenting supersedes human parenting.’

‘As we prayed for Jesus to stand between us and those who bully us I was totally up for this, to bring Jesus into this damaging relationship, but as the team member asked that the blows of abuse fell on Jesus I felt a physical withdrawal – no! my soul cried – don’t hit Jesus, don’t let Him be ripped in His heart by the harsh words – He’s the only innocent one here!

I realised how wrong this was – just like a starving man standing at an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and refusing to eat.  For now it makes the abuse feel even worse, but I know that on the other side of this will be forgiveness and healing.’

‘I was given a word during the Lifeless Legalism talk re seeds of potential in me that had never been given the right conditions for growth, and then received prayer re God giving me what I need to grow and the right conditions for growth.  THANK YOU!! This was life-restoring for me because I saw a picture of my youth (teen years) where the seeds of my dreams and potential had been scattered onto a tarmac parking lot and left to die.  

Then I saw a picture, as I was being prayed for, of God filling that parking lot – and the seeds were still there – with the richest soil, and He was the gardener and the seeds were now growing and blossoming.  Thank you.’

‘During the prayer activity – pulling out the images and ‘video’ of idolatry - I looked in my hand and saw a HUGE pink stick full of candy floss – shiny, sweet-smelling and totally captivating to the child in me (even though in real life I can’t stand the stuff!) – it sparkled with promise.  Then I looked up and saw masses of ancient cobwebs spanning from the corner of the kitchen, hanging from open, bare cupboards.  The webs were so old and disgusting that even the spiders had abandoned them.  

As I pulled images from my mind, so the cobwebs moved from the kitchen and spun around the candyfloss, making it all the more attractive.

 -       even though I KNEW the candy floss was old cobwebs, it still captivated me;

-       even though I KNEW that it would make me sick I craved it;

-       even though I don’t like it I tried to protect it from the cleansing water.

As I watched, the water hit the spun sugar.  It dissolved, revealing just how unsubstantial it is.  I threw the syrupy-covered stick against the cross, realising that although the candy floss is dissolved it has left my hands sticky and in need of washing again and again and again.  Not so much healed as made aware and alert and equipped to deal with it.’

‘A few weeks ago God gave me a vision of a twig on a tree, with a couple of buds just starting out, but I felt that this was associated with death, as if it would be my last springtime.  I was frightened and prayed against any spirit of death but received no confirmation.

On Tuesday I went forward for prayer for relational idolatry, repented and felt a real release.  I was crying a lot at the time, so in the coffee break I went outside for some fresh air.   I stopped at the railing by the scouts plaque and saw a twig with 2 buds on the tree, just like my vision.  I now feel that the sense of death, or ending, in my earlier vision was of my old creation self that I was living in my relational fantasy.  That is ending/dying to allow me to choose life from now on.  2 Corinthians 5.  I now no longer feel frightened of being a new creation.’ 

‘Where do I start!? I’m not sure why I came to HPS (never been before), especially because I had been at our annual conference.  I thought I’d come to glean anything I could on how you do things in HPS that might be good to use in the Healing Rooms. But the Lord had another agenda!

 I have been going through stuff for the past 7 years and I had buried it and convinced myself that I was dealing with it ok, or had buried it deep enough to ignore.  I had no idea that the Lord was going to use HPS to unravel me, heal me from shame and false responsibility and much, much more.

Although this has been an emotionally exhausting week, I know it has been what the Lord wanted me to come to, so I could get free from the past.  Thank you all so much for the teaching, training, testimonies and healing prayers.  I know that this will be a very significant turning point in my personal walk with the Lord, my relationships and ministry.  Blessings …’

‘Praise God for the deep ministry I received at this conference, as if it was tailor-made for me.  Negative judgments – during prayers regarding this I could sense the toxic words in my ears and had to keep pulling the toxin out.  Also had release from control of leadership/authority.  Had been restrained to be involved in prayer/intercession when in leadership in church plant because woman’s place is to bear children, like a reproduction factory, contrary to the vision of the main Church. Spiritual abuse.  Had release when prayed for ‘break prison of no permission’ – a lot of release from emotional pain, idolatry and false religion in the bloodline.  The enemy was trying to suppress my joy but had so much release and feeling so much lighter.

- Wednesday sessions were all great for me.  A lot of deep, deep healing.

- Healing of the will and giving up hope, passivity – had prayers for perseverance

            - Healing from shame 

            - Healing from bullying at work

            - Deep healing from grief – Dad died suddenly.  

            Praise and thank God for deep healing and release. May God bless all of you in the team to minister to us.’

‘My breakthrough came when I sensed God say to me, ‘Listen with the ears and see with the eyes of your heart’.  

Sibling bullying when I was three started a life-long bullying experience.  My brother kept on biting me and Mum did nothing about it. I felt the bite!  He left me feeling unprotected, vulnerable, not worth it – it was the beginning of my jealousy of him and carrying a ‘kick me’ label. (Also led to strong sense of injustice which has been lifelong, which I have partly channelled into justice ministries in church).

I had ministry for physical bullying from my friends (which led to broken teeth).  Lies got attached which I have believed for a long time … I have renounced (confessed) “I am not worth it”, “I am not lovable”, “I don’t fit in”, “There’s something wrong with me”.  I believe I am made in His image, God loves and likes me, so can I like me too!

During prayers for sense of being I sensed God beginning to unravel my feelings about my Mum. I realised I wanted to hate her for the feelings of abandonment I experienced, but saw Jesus cradling me. I will return again to praying for filling of love and cuddles daily.  Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lin and Team.’  

‘I had a word about ‘having a voice’ twice by two separate people. I feel, as a result of prayer and teaching at the Healing Prayer School, that I really do have a ‘voice’.  I felt it in part before, but I know now that it is different even from a few weeks ago.  Previously I had felt that I was in a fight to be heard, but now I feel calm and expressing my views or speaking in a group has become natural.  I no longer feel I have an inward fight to be heard. I have experienced this several times already.

Also, I feel more confident in talking generally just on a one-to-one basis with people I don’t know that well, and especially figures of authority.  I think I have been set at liberty!’